Ryan Ansin

Ryan Ansin is an entrepreneur, angel investor, philanthropist, and anxious learner who thrives off of seeking out new frontiers. Ansin utilizes his time, capital, and collaborative networks to drive profits and change conjointly, focusing on various start-ups in both the non-profit and for-profit worlds.

Ansin buckets his professional time between Clarity Project (Founder and CEO), Family Office Association (President), advising his early stage investments in fashion and technology, and more recently has taken an interest in the intersection of real estate development and indoor farming.

Clarity Project is a great metaphor for Ansin’s approach to business and life. He chose to get married but did not trust the diamond companies so started his own first in mining and exploration, and now in Lab-Grown Diamonds.

Beginning at a young age, Ansin has sat on various boards of directors for organizations focused on children, poverty reduction, and the use of media to improve transparency around the world. This was largely through a multi-national organization Ansin founded and ran for four years, Every Person Has a Story (EPHAS), which taught journalism and photography in thirty-two locations around the world. Ansin has been a recent participant and contributor to such conferences as Nexus Global Youth Summit, Global Economic Symposium, Giving Women International, G8YS, WEF, and many more.