Morgan Brown

Morgan is CEO and co-founder of Whole Water Systems, LLC., a leader in sustainable water resources (water/energy/nutrients) and onsite wastewater treatment. Whole Water is focused on offering investors (VC & Institutional) sustainable impact opportunities in water infrastructure through innovative & efficient design/build/operate (DBO) facilities that solve urban wastewater problems for green businesses (breweries, wineries, food & beverage), green developers (Living Building Challenge, Living Community Challenge, EcoDistricts) and green communities (cities with old infrastructure, lack of funds). Whole Water projects emphasize biomimicry and sustainable Integrated Design by incorporating the recovered resources into urban development amenities (e.g. breweries, urban agriculture/vertical farming, water-feature urban oasis parks and recreation, public market/public commons). Whole Water’s designers are pioneers in local, onsite treatment technology (vertical membrane bioreactors, constructed wetlands) which allow for large-scale treatment of wastewater in restricted urban settings (basement utility rooms, small buildings, or even green landscaping) – the holy grail for sustainable decentralized treatment and reuse.

Following his passion for environmentalism and sustainability, Morgan left a successful career in high tech to start cutting-edge ventures in renewable energy, green development and wastewater treatment. Morgan has a degree in electrical engineering, became a LEED AP and NABCEP certified solar professional in 2003, started the Sun Valley Sustainability Conference (2005), is past president of a regional Smart Growth non-profit, and is a co-founder of Whole Water Systems (2007). Morgan is a frequent speaker on sustainable water.