Leland Lehrman

Leland Lehrman is Free Spirit at Fund Balance. He connects vision with action where a focus on cultural sustainability emphasizes the spiritual and emotional life. His clients are aligned with these values, and work in food, fiber, healthcare, education, arts and community development. He is thrilled to be part of Sustainatopia and looks forward to carrying the vision of a touring sustainable and healing celebration into ever deepening and broadening global capacity. He has recently completed the three year Alkion teacher training course in the Waldorf School tradition and is a member of the Anthroposophical Society, a cosmic wisdom community. His book, The VitEmerald, is an expression of the work done by Black Elk, the Lakota medicine tradition, and other indigenous traditions to emphasize the necessity of living one’s vision. He lives with his wife, Vera – a transpersonal psychology and holotropic breathwork artist – and four beloved children at the Hawthorne Valley Association community in the Dove Shire of New York. He enjoys singing, playing guitar and piano, and theater. To learn more about his work or contact him, please visit .