Jim Armstrong

Jim is Founder and Project Director of Climate Changers®, a program of the Center for Transformative Action at Cornell University.  Right now, all over the world, individuals are taking uplifting actions to address climate change. We all need to know about these actions, learn from those taking them and see if we can take action ourselves. Climate Changers provides connections between these individuals and those of us who want to do something that makes a difference. Climate Changers presents individuals from business, government, organizations, communities and as global and local citizens in a way that places a powerful, human face on climate change. Here, actions are small and large – from composting and carpooling to changing political and economic policy – yet each action informs, inspires and ignites the reality that each of us can make an impact. Sharing these positive actions far and wide, the on-the-ground and online Climate Changers communities activate a just and sustainable future for us all.

In 1999, Jim founded Good For Business, a communications firm dedicated to created purpose-led communications for business and organizations committed to social responsibility and sustainability. He has developed message strategies based on the proprietary Message And Purpose process for clients around the world – from the Hillary Institute in New Zealand to Cornell University in New England.  Good For Business was certified as a B Corp in 2010.

Jim’s approach to communications is published in book form: BEYOND THE MISSION STATMENT: Why Cause-Based Communications Lead to True Success (Macmillan India). He has taught creative writing, creative thinking and sustainability communications at the University level.