Jamie Byron

Jamie Byron is a Farmer and Founder of Grove, a Somerville based company building indoor gardening products that give people a connection to food and nature year-round in their homes. Jamie started Grove out of his MIT fraternity room when his frustration with the global industrial food system and his desire to grow good food culminated in him building an indoor aquaponic farm in the window of his room. This Rube Goldberg-esque prototype grew into an edible jungle in the dead of the Boston Winter and quickly became a centerpiece of the entire fraternity — feeding his brothers fresh veggies, cleaning the air, and bringing the life into their home. From this experience, Jamie and his best friend Gabe decided to start Grove to give people the tools and knowledge to harness nature and grow food where they live. In addition to building Grove and spreading the idea of a democratized food future, Jamie spends most of his free time drawing inspiration from nature, spending time with his farm dog Hank, and growing as much food as he possibly can.