Dr. Pandwe Gibson

Dr. Pandwe Gibson is making going green cool, practical and profitable. After founding and scaling a network of highly successful schools, she dove into the business world where she started, led and scaled three successful companies. Currently, she is the CEO/Executive Director and Founder of EcoTech Visions, Miami’s first green maker space, co-working space and green business incubator. Through EcoTech Visions, she and her team are guiding entrepreneurs to grow green manufacturing in Miami.

Dr. Gibson has a Bachelor of Arts from Scripps College, a Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning from Claremont Graduate University, a Master in Leadership from Harvard Graduate School, and a PhD from Claremont Graduate University. She has lived, studied, taught and worked internationally at notable universities such as the University of Logon in Accra Ghana, and Oxford University in Oxford England. Originally from Earth, Pandwe enjoys water sports, extreme sports, and art. She lives in Miami and believes that she will witness an oxygen-surplus planet.