Dr. Matthew Gardner

Dr. Matthew Gardner is a Founder and Managing Partner of Sustainserv (, a Boston Massachusetts and Zurich Switzerland based firm that works with public and private sector organizations to design and implement sustainability strategies, programs and communications. His work includes a wide variety of sustainability strategy, data and communications focused projects across many sectors in many countries, including manufacturing, banking and financial services, logistics, chemicals, electronics, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and consumer products.

Matt received his doctorate in Chemistry from Michigan State University, was a postdoctoral researcher in Chemistry at MIT, where he spent five years as the Executive Director of the Earth System Initiative. He currently teaches sustainability strategy and entrepreneurship in the Sustainability and Environmental Management Program at the Harvard University Extension School and is one of the faculty of the Youth Encounter on Sustainability, a Swiss-based training program for young professionals and graduate students, where he lectures and leads interactive workshops on climate change, climate policy and sustainable entrepreneurship.