David Abernathy

David Abernathy started his career doing project administration and management at a London based engineering and consulting firm. From there he transitioned to an Australian investment bank where he worked with the Infrastructure Legal team financing multi-billion dollar wind farm projects. He spent several years doing investment due diligence, business development, and business administration consulting. From 2009-2012, he ran a financial services and consulting firm for the medical cannabis industry whose clients included cultivation collectives, dispensaries, equipment manufacturers, and cannabis R&D companies around the State of California. Mr. Abernathy worked as an adviser to UC Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy on a report for the City of Oakland about the economic impact of regulated, large-scale, indoor cannabis cultivations.

In addition to his work with The Arcview Group, David currently teaches the Economics of Cannabis at Oaksterdam University and co-owns an indoor miniature golf course. He has held leadership positions and served on the boards of notable non-profits in the fields of art, education, human rights advocacy, and animal rescue, and currently serves as President of America’s first cat cafe.