Colleen Brennan-Vandersteen

Nominee 2015 Katerva Award – Global Sustainability, equivalent to Nobel, nominated by France Scientist

Lives in Winnipeg, Canada, married with 2 children: daughter (18)  and son (21), enjoys cycling, soccer and travel.

Retired IBM in 2013 after 35 years airline technology, last position Enabler – host and network configurations, specializing in telecommunications.

2 IBM Automation Awards: 2006 and 2008, Employee of the  month:  July 2011

The root cause to global waste is distribution, not packaging!

Billions of dollars spent annually on: packaging R&D, waste pickup, incineration, ocean cleanup and recycle.

These are all endless routines handling ongoing symptoms; these are not sustainable solutions!

As a innovator motivated to create a sustainable future for our children, once I learned recycle was 80% inefficient, I started designing!

I am Lean Architect with new process structure and sustainable design, focused on reduce, reuse efficiency.

Startup, Refill Depot transforming distribution to remove packaging; root solution essential to reducing global waste.

Addressing social, creating new habits with reuse efficiency, evolves Smart Sustainable Savings; economically and environmentally

US Patent approved July 2016; Intl filing.  Innovative dispensing system: high volume vat system; no electricity or pumps; least operating cost and quietest system.

Walmart seeks the technology to remove packaging will increase their profits, Refill Depot exceeds their expectations with 12 key “Big Edge” features:

theft/shrinkage prevention, highest LCA score, new markets moving wholesale volume to retail level and much more.

Our innovative dispensing system is versatile to liquid, powder, granular and small items has multi industry global markets; big box retail, automotive, hospitals, resorts, military and much more.

Our objective is to transform; selling patent dispensing systems and 3 building models: 1) multi car drive-in, 2) walk-in and 3) assisted multi car drive-in

Technology:  refill 17 containers with 16 different products in less than 15 minutes.

At funding stage, seek partnerships with: construction, tech, tablet, sensors and building trades.